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Phil Riggs is a retired educator. He started writing his first book after he and his wife hiked 2500 km of the Camino trails. He kept a diary, formatted it into a book, Hiking the Spanish, Portuguese and French Caminos - A Soulful Journey, and published on Amazon. Riggs tells about their journeys along the way. Most stories are happy but there were moments of sadness when people shared their sorrowful tales with us. It also includes helpful hints for when you prepare to hike the Camino.

Next, he wrote and self published a book about his hero, his 101 year old father. Teacher, Hunter, Fisher, Musician - A 101 Years in the Life of Clarence Riggs: losing his father on the schooner, Mina Swim in 1917, was hard on his mother and her two infant children, as there were no social programs to help families at that time. However, they survived and Clarence pursued a life as an educator. He had a life long passion for fishing, hunting, and the great outdoors. He and his wife Neatha lived in many places in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Once, they worked as house parents in the Grenfell Mission dormitories in Labrador. While there, Clarence met many interesting people. One of whom was Helga Ingstad, discoverer of the Viking village L'Anse Aux Meadows, in Northern Newfoundland.

Covid-19 descended upon us in the year 2020. It was during that year that Phil Riggs wrote his first children's book: Our Heroes of Covid-19 (Boulder Books). It is beautifully illustrated by Corey Majeau. The book focuses on a grandson and a grandfather taking their first walk after the provincial lockdown to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The wise grandfather teaches Joel that the real heroes during the pandemic are not our usual comic/movie heroes; but everyday people who risked their lives to help feed others, provide necessary supplies and keep children safe. Of course there's humour about the toilet paper caper!


His subsequent book, Our Random Acts of Kindness, writes about a few stories of kindness, not shared on social media. They're very heartwarming, humorous and sometimes sorrowful. You will surely enjoy them.

Riggs has had a lifetime of experiences as an educator. He spent many years teaching in Canada's northern territories of Nunavut and the Northwest Territories. He also taught in many places in Newfoundland and Labrador. During his teaching years, he was an elementary and Special Needs teacher, finally ending up as a principal.

Soccer and hockey are the two sports he has embraced throughout his life. He has even started square dancing the past few years, and really loves it. His dance group was even featured on a television program, entitled Land and Sea.

Out in a stream, fishing for salmon, is where his soul finds complete contentment. As his father used to say: "it's not all about catching a salmon," a great piece of wisdom.

Through his lifetime, from youth till present time, he has been a strong advocate for conservation and prevention of plastic pollution. Which features in his latest book, Our Environment's Friends. It's a children's story about a grandfather and his grandson, Joel, as they go on their daily adventures and encounter litter all over their environment. Once again, the wise grandpa teaches his grandson how important is to do their part with helping keep our environment free of litter and plastics. It's now available on Amazon.

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