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Synopsis: Leafs Nation will love this book. What do you think would happen if the Leafs did not have a clean, clear, and safe sheet of ice to play on every night they play a game at the Scotiabank Arena? It could be very disastrous for them. If it's not cleaned properly, things like chips off a wooden stick, or transparent tape could go unnoticed by our Leafs players until it's too late. Skating on such small pieces of debris can be dangerous to them when they are getting ready to score. Who is the group of people that ensures the ice is cleaned correctly during each commercial break? It's the crew who consider themselves the most important people in the Scotiabank Arena when our beloved Maple Leafs play hockey there. They, of course, are the ice crew - cleaners who do such a great job of making sure the ice is clean, clear, and safe to skate on. Come along and join us, on a whimsical, unbelievable, and fictional account (that might come true!!) as we are swept up in the story of near disasters to total scoring successes of our favorite hockey team. For the long-suffering Leafs’ fans, could there be a silver lining at the end of the story in this book? Look for the names & numbers of the 1967 Stanley Cup winning Maple Leafs players hidden in the pictures! ​Publisher: Kindle Direct Publishing

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Synopsis: Joel and his classmates are learning about protecting the environment from his teacher, Mrs. Stone. His aunt teaches him a valuable lesson about the importance of bees to vegetables and flowers. ​He loves to take walks with his grandfather. Unfortunately, they often encounter litter, everywhere they walk. Each time they see litter in the environment, a lively conversation takes place. Sometimes it’s anger about the kind of plastics they find. Often, it’s about how to stop the littering. ​Come along on their adventures as we see: a big blue garbage bag cutting off a town’s water supply; man’s best friend suffer when it swallows a pizza takeout bag; a magnificent eagle nearly perish when it gets plastic drink rings trapped around its beak; and a Minkie whale fears it may end up stranded on a beach when it gets tangled up in part of a fishing net. You can even learn how they helped the Puffin and Petrel Patrol rescue young puffin seabirds when they became lost around the town of Witless Bay. ​Includes activity pages for children, to express ways they can help improve our environment. ​Publisher: Kindle Direct Publishing

Available: Hardcover - Boulder BooksDownhomeChaptersAmazon

Synopsis: Joel and his grandpa love spending time together. Then, the Covid-19 shutdown happened, so they had to stay apart. But now they are finally able to meet again and do many of the things they enjoy. While on their first walk in a long time, they talk about the shutdown. Who are the heroes who helped everybody during this difficult time? Joel and his grandpa enjoy a beautiful summer day and talk about how important doctors, nurses, grocery store workers, truck drivers, and many others in our communities are to all of us. ​Publisher: Boulder Books

Available: Paperback - Amazon,

Chapters, Kindle - Amazon

Synopsis: If you are looking for a heart warming book to read, this is a book you will enjoy. Imagine a mother meeting the person who delivered a life saving liver to her daughter, even though they lived nearly 3000 km apart from each other. When a woman is tired of the mental and physical abuse of her alcoholic husband, she travels from Boston to the most easterly city in North America, St. John's. Alone and destitute, she is taken in by a widow and her sons and cared for. A five year old girl, living in a small Labrador town, contracts tuberculosis, in the late 1950s. She is sent to a sanitarium to recover. She thinks she is going to a place to play in the 'sand' since the nickname for the institution is "The Sand." What she discovers is a far cry from what she had imagined. However, she receives kindness in a way unimaginable to her. Finally, a Santa is so caught up in delivering gifts to less fortunate children on Christmas Eve, that he forgets about time. Too late he realizes he didn't make it to the Sears catalogue outlet in time to pick up a special gift for his wife on Christmas Day. These are just a sampling of the many stories that are in this book. Stories that have not been heard on social media before. ​Publisher: Kindle Direct Publishing

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Available: Paperback - Amazon 

Synopsis: The voice of an angel; it's heavenly and joyous to hear. But one little angel can't sing a single tune correctly. And to make matters worse for this little angel, it's the most important event in the world. Whenever she opens her mouth to sing and practice with the Heavenly Choir, the words come out as a dreadful sound. Everyone in the choir becomes unsettled when she tries to sing. Come along with her as she tries some amazing things to help soothe her voice and start singing with the voice of an angel for the big event! You will discover how her problem is solved, and how the sad little angel becomes so joyful on the Eve of the First Christmas. ​Publisher: Tellwell Press

Available: Paperback - Amazon

Synopsis: Clarence Riggs lived a wonderful and exciting 101 years. He was very mobile and alert right up until his demise. He experienced the death of his father at a very early age when he and all of the crew of the schooner, Mina Swim, were lost at sea. His teaching career spanned nearly four decades. During this time he taught in many places on the island of Newfoundland and then some years as a teacher in Labrador. During those years in Labrador he was also a houseparent for the Grenfell Mission dormitories. Through much of his adult life he was involved in many charitable organizations, especially where he was an Anglican lay reader for sixty five years. He traveled throughout much of Canada and the United States. Through all this time he was an avid sportsman, musician and a staunch Maple Leaf hockey fan. He never lost a zest for life. Come along and enjoy his 101 year unforgettable journey. ​Publisher: Kindle Direct Publishing

Available: Paperback - Amazon

Kindle - Amazon

Synopsis: My book is a collection of events that I experienced as I walked along the Camino trails. First of all, it's about the relationships that were developed along the trail and many of the personal experiences that people shared with me as we were strolling along together on the Camino. Secondly, I've included some of the legends and stories that have grown up around the different villages and areas over the many years of pilgrimage. Finally, I've written down some of my musings that came to mind in moments of solitary meditation after an encounter with some interesting fellow pilgrim or it may have been when I was just communing with Mother Nature,decked out in her finest array. As an extra, in the book, I have included our little adventures that my wife, Lyla, and I may have taken before we started hiking or at the end of each hiking journey.

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