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It's about an Eagle, a school of Caplin and a Minke whale

This is a grand day for another post. In this post I will talk about how I came up with the inspiration of a bald eagle, a school of caplin and a Minke whale for my new children's book - Our Environment's Friends.

On my first trip out cod jigging with my friend Jeffery, last summer, we had a bald eagle perched on a cliff observing our every move. No doubt hoping for us to provide it with its next meal. We didn't disappoint this majestic bird. One of us caught a sculpin. Before it had a chance to disappear back into the watery depths we heard a mighty swoosh above our heads. The bird, with its six foot wing span, sailed dangerously close to our heads and scooped up its prey in its grasping talons - off to feast on its tasty morsel upon its lookout roost.

Caplin roll in on the beaches in places like Middle Cove Beach and Caplin Gulch in Sandy Cove, NL. Children and adults alike love to head to the beach and try to catch a meal of these delicious 'smelt like' fish when they roll in to spawn. I caught some last summer at Caplin Gulch and enjoyed a fine meal - compliments of our bountiful ocean.

Later, that same summer, when we were out cod jigging again, we were given a real treat by two Minke whales intent on feasting on the school of caplin surrounding them. Sometimes they would surface so close to us we worried we might hook one. Other times they would come up and blow a little farther away. Catching codfish and watching the frolicking whales - our environment provided all the entertainment one could ask for.

When I wrote about the eagle in my book it was not as fortunate as the one we saw while cod jigging.

Catching caplin, for the children in the story, was still a real treat. But for Joel and his Grandpa a walk on the beach was no treat for them. Neither did it turn out that way for the Minke whale.

The next post will be about a puffin patrol rescue and a Toronto Maple Leafs quandary.

As mother always said "When you show kindness to someone it comes back to you tenfold." Please be kind to our environment and don't litter.


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