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An Introduction to my new Book

My new children's book, Our Environment's Friends, is now available to be purchased through myself or through The cost of the book is $14.95 plus $4 for shipping if you order directly from me. My website is

Though the book is geared for elementary students it can be enjoyed by anyone of all ages. The book is entertaining, educational and beautifully illustrated by Corey Majeau. Joel and his grandfather are the two main characters in the story - just as they were in my first children's book - Our Heroes of Covid-19. Follow them as they go on their pleasurable daily outings. But the outings are anything but pleasurable when they encounter litter wherever they walk. Anger and frustration is often their emotions when try to find ways to solve this problem. But it's all a learning process for them.

Bumble bees, a town's water supply, a pet dog, an eagle, a Minke whale and puffins suffer adversary in this story.

You have to look carefully to find the lady bugs that Corey has placed among the illustrations.

The book also provides activity pages, information on plastic litter and websites to find more information on how people are trying to solve the problems of litter in our environment.

The rest of the week my posts will be on the ways I thought of the idea for the book and how I included the animals/wildlife that I did in the story.

My first book signing is at Timber and Twine cafe this Saturday, November 19, from 1 to 4 pm.

As mother always said, "If you show kindness to someone it will come back to you tenfold. Please show kindness to our environment and don't litter.

Thanks to Corey Majeau for his illustrations, Virginia Berry for her editing, formatting and development of my website and to ArtsNL for helping fund the cost of the illustrations.

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