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How it All started

This book all started with a big blue bag. Three years ago I noticed a big blue bag hanging from some alders. No one seemed to be interested in taking it down so I took it from the alders so I could recycle it. I thought to myself, “I wonder what would have happened to the bag if I left it there? Perhaps it would blow away into some water system.” That’s when I came up with the idea of the bag somehow adversely affecting some town’s water supply. Later I saw a plastic bag full of half eaten pizza and drink cans thrown out by the roadside. A man was walking his dog nearby. I thought,”What if the dog eats that plastic bag and pizza before the man can stop it?” Now I said, “Those two incidents have the makings of a story. I only need someone to bring the story together.” Enter Joel and his Grandpa to get the story going. Throw in No Mow Days for the bumblebees and we’re off and running. In the next post I’ll tell about how a can of Vienna sausages, paint from some cans discarded into a river and an old paper mill that never went into production were the next inspirations for my book. Please don’t forget that all of your shares from my posts will go into the draws for two books and a stuffed toy puffin. As mother always said, “When you show kindness to someone it comes back tenfold.” Please show kindness to our environment and don’t litter. Cheers, Phil

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