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The Game of Shinny - Now We Play it on Arena Ice

Old Timers' hockey has started once again. It's a time we all look forward to because we can show off our skills and finesse. Of course finesse for a 60 or 70 year old is not the same as when were were playing shinny on the frozen bays and ponds while we were in our prime. Then we could really dazzle one another. We're not thoroughbreds anymore but more like a Newfoundland pony. We dig in and plod along on the ice. Not all of us are like that analogy. Some of the old timers can still wiz around the ice showing the skills of an older Bobby Orr, Frank Mahovlich or Guy Lafluer. But there's one thing we do enjoy. The Leaf fans playing the Habs fans. Then we're at our finest trying to beat one another. Even a scatter elbow or 'accidental' trip may occur. But all is forgiven when we finish up with a refreshment. Such is the joy of the game we all love.

As mother used to say "When you show kindness to someone it always comes back to you tenfold."

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